Ataccama Pricing Model

  • 23 December 2021
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I am new to Ataccama and would like to find out what is the pricing model for Ataccama One platform. So far I could not find the pricing for your platform.

2 replies


Hello Eugene,
Ataccama has a simple pricing model, composed of named users and the size of the processing engine.

Named Users: We price our modules (Ataccama ONE, DQIT, MDA and RDM) for users that are going to be authoring the data (admin, supervisors, data stewards etc.) We also provide read-only licenses for those users who are strictly looking at the end results and not working with the module.

Engine: Ataccama prices the engine cores that are needed to meet your performance benchmarks and SLA's. We refrain from charging per domain, per record or per source system but rather take into consideration factors such as complexity of business rules, real-time or batch processing, and volume of records to help us understand the processing power needed for your solution. For a more accurate quote or package, we will share a sizing questionnaire to determine the size of the engine needed for your solution.


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Can you please send me a separate email regarding the pricing model of your DG/DQ toolset to my email

As of now we are interested in Data Catalog, Business Glossary and Data Lineage components of your toolset. In the future we will be adding MDM module to that.