How best to use the Purpose function in Ataccama?

Any best practices for using the Purpose function in Ataccama One (webapp)? I see that it is recommended for monitoring projects but when I create a monitoring project I want to be able to search for that tag. Any tips for searching just based on the purpose tag? I’m very new to Ataccama so any and all tips would be appreciated!

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You can use this AQL query to search for entities in your listing that has a tag:

dataInstances.count() <> 0

or this one to search for those having a specific tag. In my case, the tag is ‘prod’:

dataInstances.any(displayName = 'prod')

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your question, @jdc122

Purpose Tag is a customer tag which can be assigned to both catalog items and monitoring projects. It is helpful when it is intended to be used in a particular monitoring project stage (the equivalent tag can be added to the relevant monitoring project).

Best practices for using Purposes Tag are following:

  • indicating the affiliation of the catalog item or monitoring project to a specific environment e.g. development, test, production
  • indicating the affiliation of the catalog item and monitoring project to each other
  • indicating the relation of the similar tables with countries the data refers to, e.g. USA, UK, Germany.

Here are also links to documentation: Adding Data Instances, Adding Purpose Tag, Adding Purpose Tag 2

Hope it helps, don´t hesitate to ask further questions.