Which entity and property applies to term type

  • 17 November 2023
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Hey community,

The term overview screen shows the entries of all types.

I would like to implement a ‘term type’-filter (via Application Settings → Search Configurations) on that page. For that I need to know in which entity and property term type has been implemented, but I cannot find that. We have version 13.9.4.

Does anyone have a clue?

Kind regards,

Albert de Ruiter

5 replies


Hi Albert, 

I had a similar need for ’term types’ when I was experimenting with filters (v13.8).

We came to the conclusion that due to the ‘term type’ being an entity name, we are not able to specify a property that references multiple entity names.

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Hi Sam (SamWrigley),

Thanks for your repsonse. From your answer I understand that ‘term type’ is an entity, but in the metamodel I cannot find such an entity. Which entity are you referring to?

Kind regards,



The entity ‘term type’ I’m referring to may be different in your environment, but it’s the name of the extended entities from “term” 

For example, businessTerm and securityTerm is the name of extended entities from term that are used as term types in the Term overview page. 


But if we use either of these in the search configuration as an indexed node, with the indexed property of “name”. It would not display businessTerm or securityTerm in the property filter, it will display the term names created under these term sub-types. 


I’m not certain there is a way to reference an entity name in the search configuration as it’s not an explicit property of an entity. 

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Okay thanks for the clarification, I see what you mean now. I will contact support to see if they have some idea.

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Hi @Albert de Ruiter, I see that you have reached out to our Support team about this, please don’t hesitate to share any other questions you may have on the community 🙋🏻‍♀️